Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SNP - Tartan Tories

The SNP led West Dunbartonshire Council are in the process of trying to transfer over 5,000 Council Houses out of Council ownership while we have over 8,000 applicants on the waiting list for a home. I would challenge the SNP once again to hold a ballot now of all 11,670 tenants to see if they want to transfer or stay with the Council. I would predict the overwhelming majority of tenants would want to stay with the Council if they are given a vote. This is the main reason the SNP will not allow tenants to vote. Because the SNP know they could not win a vote of tenants they are intending to raise rents by up to £8 per week for some tenants from 1/4/2010. In doing so they hope to "convince" tenants to vote for a transfer to another Landlord. The tenants movement and the Unions need to form a joint campaign of action against this proposed transfer which will decimate Council jobs and remove thousands of houses from the Public Sector.