Monday, January 26, 2009

The Capital

Renton! Champions o' the fitba world,
An noo at building hooses tae.
You'd think they would be satisfied
But naw! that's just haufway.

Noo it's a utopian community
Fae cradle to the grave
Made up wi wee bits an pieces
That everybody gave.

Full employment and regeneration
Is the topic of the day
And with Renton's ingenuity
They'll certainly find a way.

Ideas galore are floatin aboot
That might awe just sound a dream
Yet not such a ridiculous fantasy land
When considering where Rentons been.

So investors awe staun by wi cash
Cause it's surely an odds on bet
Wi the determination o' Renton folk
You aint seen nuthin yet!

Noo! Robert the Bruce lived and died here
And tis here his spirit will rise
Standing brave and tall in the saddle
Claymore raised towards the skies.

Backed up by his Artizan Bowmen
Tae confound aw the cynics ahead
Until the example set here in Renton
Has aw o'er Scotland spread.

So! Onward and upwards Renton
An never an action rue
If we jist aw stick the gither
Maist o' these dreams will come true.
Written by Archie Thomson Snr
a great friend and Comrade whose
judgement I value immensely.