Thursday, October 30, 2008

SNP punish low paid women workers.

West Dunbartonshire Council which is SNP led has confirmed savage cuts in wages and conditions for thousands of workers under the guise of Single Status. It was smiles and back slapping all round last night at the Council meeting from the SNP and the senior management team when the SNP fought of an attempt by the Labour Party to take control of the Council. Labour were committed to replacing the disasterous SNP imposed cuts, with an agreement supported by the Trades Unions.
Thatcher would be proud of the Tartan Tory Council for the divisive way they have attacked workers and their wages and conditions.
The Unions need to show a united front and come up with a collective response to this vicious attack on their members standard of living.
The Scottish Socialist Party will continue to support the Council staff 100% in their legitimate dispute with their employer.