Saturday, September 08, 2007

Affordable Housing For Rent

The Scottish Socialist Party on 5/9/2007 tried unsuccessfully to introduce a policy on West Dunbartonshire Council which would have meant that "a minimum of 25% of any houses built on land sold by the Council would need to be social housing at affordable rents."

*There is over 10,000 people on waiting lists in West Dunbartonshire seeking suitable housing.

*The numbers of people who are homeless is increasing every year.

*In 2012 local housing associations will be forced by law to sell their homes to sitting tenants.

*WDC continues to demolish homes, over 1,000 in the last few years.

The SNP and Labour groups on the Council opposed this policy change which would have made a small but welcome start to ensuring an increase in rented quality accommodation for the thousands who have been languishing on waiting lists for years.

Save the Vale Hospital - March & Rally

What a tremendous turnout by the public at today's demonstration to try and convince the SNP health minister Nicola Sturgeon to reverse the proposed cuts at the Vale Hospital. West Dunbartonshire Council and the group Hospital Watch should be congratulated for the excellent organisation of this key event.

The new SNP health minister can now be left in no doubt that local people will not accept anything less than the proposed cuts being reversed, the Vale being kept open and new investment being provided to return services already lost and to commission new services.

Keep the pressure on the politicians.




Tartan Tories - Privatisation of our Schools

The SNP have finally come clean with the public and admitted they have agreed that the privatisation of our schools in West Dunbartonshire is going ahead even though no contract has been signed.

The SNP have stated locally that there is "no going back on PPP" and "it is here to stay."

The Scottish Socialist Party predicted some time ago the SNP would betray local people and we have been proved right again.