Sunday, May 06, 2007

Council Elections 2007

I am extremely proud to have been re-elected to serve on WDC for another four years representing the new Leven Ward. I would like to thank all my Comrades in the Scottish Socialist Party for their immense super human effort in the campaign. I would also like to thank all the 1,469 Constituents who voted for the SSP. The SSP will continue to be a voice for the disenfranchised and those who have been excluded by Blair's "New Labour" experiment which is coming of the rails in Scotland.

The struggle to redistribute wealth and power continues, as does the fight against poverty and inequality.

I will be arranging additional surgeries soon to cover all the areas in the Leven Ward to make sure I can be accessible and accountable to every Constituent in the Leven Ward. See local press for details.

My contact numbers are as follows:

Home 01389 756397.
Office 01389 608060.
Mob 07803 668766.