Wednesday, February 21, 2007

People not Profit

The Scottish Socialist Party is putting the finishing touches to our manifesto for the Council & Scottish Parliament elections on 3rd May 2007 when we urge people to vote for PEOPLE NOT PROFIT by casting your vote for the SSP on May 3rd.

The SSP has 5 flagship policies for the forthcoming elections.

  1. An independence referendum within 1 year.
  2. A Scotland wide free public transport network.
  3. 100,000 new homes for rent.
  4. Nutritious free school meals for Scotland's school children.
  5. Replacement of the council tax with a progressive Service Tax.

These 5 pledges will form the core of the case we will put to local people in the run up to the elections in May 3rd. Coupled with our ongoing commitment to defend the Vale Hospital, Schools, Care Homes and other vital local public services and jobs the SSP are the party of action in West Dunbartonshire.