Monday, February 19, 2007

My Compliments to Jim Bollan

Around about twelve years ago, I passed the Christie Park
With my mate wee Vincent, we stopped there and gave hark.
The closures to the hospital, must not now go ahead
We walked across and listened to the speakers as they pled.

Jim Bollan and his colleague, Louise were in a stand
Voicing opposition to the closures was their plan
Much needed service at the Vale of Leven Hospital
Was being axed by Government, such bad luck for the ill

We went across and listened, and when they were done
Louise and Jim they chatted to the people who had come.
That was my introduction to Jim a stalwart bloke
A councillor for rights of man, and justice for the folk.

A cottage for the old and sick, is sited in the Vale
It was doomed for closure, at this news Jim did rail.
Leven Cottage must not close, his campaign slogan said
The folk signed his petition, and put his cause ahead.

For about six months or more, Jim slept upon the floor
Determined in his mission, no one could ask for more.
Until at last he got the news, the Cottage it is safe
The lodgers were delighted, a cheer of joy they gave.

One sunny day last Tuesday, I strolled on through the park
The Autumn tints were beautiful, I stopped and heard a bark.
Jim and his dog were walking past, we stopped and had a chat
The Vale folk know they are in luck, when Bollan's in to bat.

For my friend Jim Bollan
By Roy A Millar