Friday, May 06, 2011

Scottish Parliament - West Region - Election Results. S.S.P.

Comrades & Friends,
The SSP received 1,752 votes yesterday in the above election which we are delighted with given the difficult period our party has went through recently.  I would sincerely like to thank all those who voted for the SSP on 5th May 2011.  We intend to build on this result and work with local communities and the trades unions who are fighting and struggling to defend local public services in the coming months and years. Unlike other parties the SSP do not disappear after the elections.  We will be active in the coming months defending Council Housing & Jobs and opposing the closure of any Community Education Centres in West Dunbartonshire.
The SSP aim to build on this vote for the Council Elections in 12 months time.
Jim Bollan.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Support The Sacked Taxi Drivers

Twenty Taxi Drivers have now been sacked by the (TOA) Taxi Owners Association in Alexandria & Dumbarton.
Support the sacked Drivers in their new Drivers Coop. Call 75 33 76 for a TAXI.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sale of 5,000 Council Homes

Vote NO to stop the sale of 5,000 Council Homes while 7,000 languish on the Council Housing waiting list!!!

Tory Cuts..Implemented by SNP

Deep Tory cuts in public services and jobs are being implemented by the SNP Council who have not lifted a finger in anger to fight the cuts. SNP & Labour Cllr's say they are opposed to the cuts...but will still implement them! The SSP alternative to the cuts is to tax the rich, scrap trident, recover all tax evaded by big business, scrap the council tax and withdraw from the illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The cuts are not inevitable as the 4 main stream capitalist parties would have us believe. There is the above alternative if there is the political will to fight for it. To fight on the side of the poor and the disenfranchised, not the rich and powerful capitalist bankers who caused the crisis in capital.
All 22 Cllr's have a responsibility to fight the cuts and refuse to implement them on behalf of the Tories who have no mandate in Scotland.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SNP - Tartan Tories

The SNP led West Dunbartonshire Council are in the process of trying to transfer over 5,000 Council Houses out of Council ownership while we have over 8,000 applicants on the waiting list for a home. I would challenge the SNP once again to hold a ballot now of all 11,670 tenants to see if they want to transfer or stay with the Council. I would predict the overwhelming majority of tenants would want to stay with the Council if they are given a vote. This is the main reason the SNP will not allow tenants to vote. Because the SNP know they could not win a vote of tenants they are intending to raise rents by up to £8 per week for some tenants from 1/4/2010. In doing so they hope to "convince" tenants to vote for a transfer to another Landlord. The tenants movement and the Unions need to form a joint campaign of action against this proposed transfer which will decimate Council jobs and remove thousands of houses from the Public Sector.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suspended for defending free speech.

As a Scottish Socialist Party Councillor I was recently suspended from attending any Council meetings for nine months for defending my right to represent Council workers in struggle against an SNP Council who can only be described as Tartan Tories. The SNP Council have stole millions of pounds in back money owed to low paid workers as well as slashing wages and conditions fought hard for over generations.
The cabal that runs West Dunbartonshire Council will use every tactic to suppress discussion about issues that cause the Tartan Tories embarrassment, like Single Status which savagely cut Council workers wages and conditions.
The SNP imposed these cuts on Council workers after the workforce rejected them in a ballot by 3-1. So much for tartan democracy.
I have been gobsmacked by the support I have received from workers for the stand and Solidarity I showed with them in their struggle. The four main Trades Unions on the Council, UNISON, UNITE, GMB & EIS have drafted a public petition calling for my suspension to be quashed to allow me to carry out the full range of duties my Constituents are entitled to. I have just been advised today that the Standards Commission who suspended me have indicated I cannot even attend Council Meetings as a member of the public!

The struggle for free speech continues.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Capital

Renton! Champions o' the fitba world,
An noo at building hooses tae.
You'd think they would be satisfied
But naw! that's just haufway.

Noo it's a utopian community
Fae cradle to the grave
Made up wi wee bits an pieces
That everybody gave.

Full employment and regeneration
Is the topic of the day
And with Renton's ingenuity
They'll certainly find a way.

Ideas galore are floatin aboot
That might awe just sound a dream
Yet not such a ridiculous fantasy land
When considering where Rentons been.

So investors awe staun by wi cash
Cause it's surely an odds on bet
Wi the determination o' Renton folk
You aint seen nuthin yet!

Noo! Robert the Bruce lived and died here
And tis here his spirit will rise
Standing brave and tall in the saddle
Claymore raised towards the skies.

Backed up by his Artizan Bowmen
Tae confound aw the cynics ahead
Until the example set here in Renton
Has aw o'er Scotland spread.

So! Onward and upwards Renton
An never an action rue
If we jist aw stick the gither
Maist o' these dreams will come true.
Written by Archie Thomson Snr
a great friend and Comrade whose
judgement I value immensely.

Friday, October 31, 2008

SNP move to privatise Council Housing

SNP controlled West Dunbartonshire Council took the first steps at the Council meeting on 29/10/2008 to transfer 5,300 Council Houses out of Council ownership. The Scottish Socialist Party has consistently called for a ballot of all 11,700 Council Tenants before this decision was made. The SNP have consistently voted against allowing tenant's this ballot and has instead pushed forward with this almost 50% transfer of our stock while we have 8,000 people on the housing waiting list and hundreds of applicants on the homeless persons waiting list.
If these proposals are allowed to be implemented they will also result in job cuts in the Council's workforce who manage and maintain these 5,300 houses.
The SNP have a clear privatisation agenda for our public services. Council Unions and the wider Community need to unite to defend Council Housing, Public Services and jobs.